Marketing & Ads Policy

1. Offsite Ads

A group of participating vendors, META verse, other social platforms and search sites, selling advertising to Outlet Avenue. The participating shopping engines in Outlet Avenue’s network are subject to change at any time. Several stations now get listings syndication from Outlet Avenue. Outlet Avenue covers all of the up-front expenses associated with advertising on these websites under the Ads program. Vendor will be charged an Ads fee on these orders if such advertising features any of their products.

2. Participation in Offsite Ads

Outsourced Ads are for all registered sellers. Depending on the following factors, some merchants can choose not to engage in the program, while others are compelled to do so: (2) Vendors who have not in any successive years reached the $5,000 USD criterion in a year and exempted from any ad’s charges and fees.

3. Offers

On Outlet Avenue, vendors may decide to run special deals just for their own stores or listings. Sales and coupons are the two promotional tactics that Outlet Avenue presently provides.

Sale is a campaign that offers free delivery or a percentage-off discount on your listed price(s). You have the choice of conducting a sale on either one listing or several ones. Sales are open to the public and will be shown to any buyers who are interested in the items or, if a specific seller-selected feature is available, to a certain group of buyers. Outlet Avenue occasionally gathers Sales and advertises them on our websites, applications, and emails. You are required to abide by all legal requirements (including laws governing consumer protection) that pertain to promotions and sales in your area when conducting a Sale in addition to these Outlet Avenue Terms.

4. Offers and Promotions

Targeted Offers by Outlet Avenue are a free advertising tool that enables you offer coupons to select groups of customers who have connected with your shop by either favoriting or adding one of your items to their shopping carts. A coupon delivered using Any customer can use the targeted offer tool by entering the code, just like all other coupons. Additionally, it may be used to several things and situations.

Additionally, you have the option of automatically sending a Coupon to customers who have placed orders from your shop. This Personalized Offer service is subject to alteration or termination at any moment by Outlet Avenue with notification to you.

Please be aware that only customers who have chosen to receive email offers from Outlet Avenue merchants will get coupons.

5. Disclaimers

The conditions of these advertising programs are subject to change at any moment, including the addition or deletion of platforms, fees, or both, or the complete/ partial discontinuation of the program. Major changes will be communicated to you.

Utilizing promotional and marketing services from Outlet Avenue does not obligate the company to run an advertising or boost your products or stores. Outlet Avenue cannot guarantee that a user will click on a featured ad or promotion, nor can we guarantee that if they do, the connected listing will actually sell.

No specifics are guaranteed by Outlet Avenue or its third-party channel partners. Outlet Avenue’s Advertising laws and regulations change throughout time as well, as well as those of its extra channel partners. The authority to alter or terminate any promotion, incentive package, or program, in part, is reserved by Outlet Avenue.

As our programs and platforms develop, Outlet Avenue could from time-to-time test or trial with additional advertising products. Additionally, the promotion services we provide, Additionally, each type of advertisement’s look and feel may differ.

Content that tramples on or violates upon the other party’s rights, covering privacy, publicity, trademarks, is not permitted in advertisements or promotions.

You are sole in charge in of making sure that all applicable laws and rules are followed by your advertisements and promotions.

In our sole discretion, Outlet Avenue maintains the right to refuse or delete any campaign or promotion, including anything that has a detrimental influence our interactions with individuals or associates.

6. Marketing Media

Outlet Avenue obtains off-site marketing from a community of collaborating retailers, for example, social media sites and online services. The vendors who make up the Outlet Avenue network are always subject to modification. Outlet Avenue currently provides listings syndication to a number of stations. You are supplied with this list of the policies and guidelines governing third-party websites that are participating in Offsite Ads so that you may better understand these channels.