Discrimination & Hate Speech Policy

Outlet Avenue links thoughtful customers and innovative business owners from all around the world. It is an ecosystem where individuals from various backgrounds find inspiration in one another and forge bonds via the creation, sale, and consumption of distinctive commodities. The promotion of an inclusive atmosphere is our top priority as we want anyone on Outlet Avenue to feel comfortable. This guideline outlines the types of conduct that we forbid on Outlet Avenue in order to ensure that everyone has a great experience.

The following personal characteristics (collectively, “protected groups”) are prohibited by Outlet Avenue from being used to discriminate against individuals.

  • On the basis of background
  • Skin Color
  • Nationality
  • Religious
  • Gender
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability

Any other feature protected by applicable law

It is your responsibility to be informed of any applicable federal laws, state, and local laws against discrimination. Additionally, hate speech is prohibited on Outlet Avenue. When a person or group is subjected to violent, insulting, disparaging, or humiliating words because of one or more protected group characteristics, it is considered hate speech.

Discrimination and hate speech are prohibited when utilizing Outlet Avenue’s public services, such as listing things, using community areas, and submitting reviews, as well as when interacting directly with other users of the site, such as through Messages. As a vendor/ Buyer on Outlet Avenue, you are prohibited from using discriminatory language in any store material, including shop announcements and shop regulations. Examples of unacceptable conduct include, but are not restricted to:

  • denying service on the grounds that a person belongs to one or more protected groups
  • demonstrating intolerance or disrespect for another individual based on characteristics that belong to a protected category
  • Implementing a store policy that prohibits sales to anyone in one or more of the aforementioned safeguarded groups
  • Making disparaging or degrading statements about any of the aforementioned protected groups either directly or indirectly
  • Racist remarks
  • Posts endorsing or exalting hate organizations and their members

Please inform us if you believe there has been prejudice or hate speech on Outlet Avenue, and we will look into it. We invite you to report any listings on Outlet Avenue that you think to be in violation of our policy on prohibited products, including any listings for hate items. You can do this by clicking the link that says “Report it” at the bottom of each page.