Buyer Policy

Outlet Avenue is a marketplace where you can buy one-of-a-kind items straight from international vendors. We want you to enjoy your experience shopping on Outlet Avenue, whether you’re seeking for handcrafted, vintage, or creative items. Please continue reading to learn more about your obligations as a buyer and your rights.

1. Outlet Avenue’s Limitations as a Venue.

Buyers may find and buy from merchants from all around the world on Outlet Avenue. Outlet Avenue is not a party to the transaction, it should be noted. When you shop on Outlet Avenue, you acknowledge:

  • Individuals are not purchasing from Outlet Avenue directly; rather, you are choosing to buy from one of the many talented sellers.
  • Outlet Avenue does not screen the products it sells, and as a result, neither it nor the content posted by its sellers (such as images, language used in listings, or shop policies) are guaranteed or endorsed.
  • Every vendor on Outlet Avenue has its own processing periods, shipping procedures, and store policies; if you supply your own materials for a bespoke order, you are responsible.

You have the option to report a product or a store that disobeys any of Outlet Avenue’s rules as a community member. Flagging is done in confidence.

2. Communicating with Other Outlet Avenue Messages

To get in touch with merchants or other Outlet Avenue members, you can utilize the Messages (“Messages”) option on Outlet Avenue. You may ask vendors any queries you may have regarding an item or an order by sending them a message. The following actions are not permitted to be done via messages:

  • sending unsolicited marketing materials, donation solicitations, or spam;
  • breaking our anti-discrimination policy in any other way, including by harassing or abusing another member;
  • Contacting someone despite their express request that you not do so; interfering with a transaction or another member’s business.

Exchanging contact details including phone numbers, addresses, emails, social network handles, external URLs, money transfer instructions, and more in order to avoid the Outlet Avenue checkout procedure

3. False/Fake Reviews

When an user tampers with another member’s shop on purpose to steal their customers, that is interference. Outlet Avenue has a rigorous no-interference policy. Interference examples include:

  • sending a message to another user to forewarn them to avoid a specific user, store, or product;
  • publishing in public places to put opinions or discuss an issue with another member;
  • buying something from a vendor just to leave a bad review;
  • “Click fraud” is the act of purposefully clicking on a rival member’s Listings and advertisements to deplete that member’s reputation and revenue.

4. Harassment

It is totally forbidden to use Messages to harass other members. The same applies to using messages to promote animosity or otherwise go against our anti-discrimination policy. If you ever get a message that goes against this rule, do let us know as soon as possible.

5. Purchasing an Item

When you shop on Outlet Avenue, you’re directly assisting individual companies, each of which has its own listings, procedures, and turnaround periods. You acknowledge that after making a purchase from a vendor on Outlet Avenue, you have:

  • Before making a purchase, review the shop’s policies and the item description;
  • Paid the right amount for the item(s) you bought; and gave the vendor the right shipping information.

When you buy or use Outlet Avenue Gift Cards, Outlet Avenue Credits, or Outlet Avenue Coupons, you also agree to abide by our Outlet Avenue Gift Card, Credits & Coupons Policy.

Purchasers may approve a fee using any major credit or debit card recognized by Outlet Avenue, as well as with Outlet Avenue Gift Cards, Outlet Avenue Credits, and Outlet Avenue Coupons (subject to any restrictions that may apply), when making purchases from sellers utilizing Outlet Avenue Payments. As stated in the Outlet Avenue Gift Card, Credits & Coupons Policy, you can pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay.

You could also be bound by a contract with a third party if you use their service. For instance, the, Or any payment gateway User Agreement applies to the third-party service offered by, Or any payment gateway Holdings, Inc. Apple Pay is subject to the Apple Pay Conditions of Use. A service offered by Google to other parties is called Google Pay.

Buyers may pay through, Or any payment gateway only when making purchases from vendors that utilize it exclusively. In order to process payments, Outlet Avenue may disclose such third-party service providers with your personal or transactional information. Depending on the nation you are in, different providers and processing times will apply to your payment. Outlet Avenue retains the right to get in touch with you and demand payment if your bank account does not have enough money when our supplier processes the payment for your transaction.

All purchases must be completed through the Outlet Avenue checkout system in order to protect our community from scams and fraud. Additionally, only transactions completed through this system are eligible for our case system (this excludes orders made via Standalone , Or any payment gateway).

It is against the law to exchange contact information on Outlet Avenue in an effort to get around the checkout process. Please limit your discussion to the Outlet Avenue platform if you need to discuss the specifics of your order with your merchant (via Messages).

6. Review of an Item

Reviews are a terrific way to find out more about a seller’s products, assist trustworthy sellers in establishing a solid reputation, or alert potential customers to a bad experience.

For 50 days following the later of your item’s projected delivery date, you may post a review with a rating of one to five stars and a picture of your purchase. The review window begins after the processing and shipping times for the order have passed if an anticipated delivery date is not provided. Throughout those 50 days, you are free to update your review as many times as you like, including the image. On the seller’s listing and review pages, your review, image, and personal details will be made available to the public.

By posting a review or image, you agree that your work will not infringe on the following, in addition to our Section 5 guidelines for creating and uploading content:

  • contain language or imagery that is explicit, adult, or obscene or any other content that falls under our mature content policy;
  • Include shilling or otherwise artificially boost a shop’s review score; be about matters outside the seller’s control, such as a delivery carrier, Outlet Avenue, or a third party; or jeopardize the reliability of the reviews system.

Reviewers who give a product three stars or less can react. Sellers must adhere to this guideline while responding to reviews. Sellers have the option of concealing images that they believe do not fairly reflect their brand or of reporting reviews that are in violation of our Terms of Use.

Reviewers or photographers who break our rules or terms of service may have their content removed.

7. Returning an Item or Refunds

Although Outlet Avenue isn’t a party to a transaction between a buyer and a seller, we do provide a case system in the uncommon event that your order doesn’t turn out as planned and you can’t resolve it with the seller. The seller must be contacted in the event that an order problem arises, and you must give them 48 hours to fix the problem.

In the event of a non-delivery or if an item you get is not as stated in the listing, you can utilize Outlet Avenue’s case system to notify Outlet Avenue of an unresolved order issue beyond this time period (Send us a message on

If you decide that a refund is the best course of action for you, bear in mind that Outlet Avenue only permits on-platform returns for a period of 60 days following the purchase. Outlet Avenue is unable to provide on-platform refunds for your transaction after this 60-day timeframe has passed. You may still speak with the vendor directly to reach an off-platform agreement, though. In the event that your original mode of payment is not accessible, an Outlet Avenue credit will be offered in lieu of a refund.

8. Non-Delivery

When a customer placed an order but does not get the product, this is known as a non-delivery.

Examples of incidents of non-delivery include the following:

  • There is no reliable evidence that the buyer received the item.
  • The Outlet Avenue address was not used to send anything.

Different product shipped

If the buyer can show that the item differs noticeably from the ad description or images, it is not as described. Here are a few instances of cases that weren’t as described:

  • The item that was sent was a different style, model, size, or version.
  • The thing is made of a unique substance or design.
  • The missing or damaged pieces of an item were not disclosed by the vendor.
  • The number of goods delivered to the buyer was inaccurate (e.g., The buyer bought 3 things but received just 2).
  • Despite the fact that the item was advertised as authentic, it is not..
  • The item’s condition is not as stated (e.g., the item is described as new but is used).

Delivery for non-as-described items can also be lodged. The buyer must produce evidence that each of the following requirements has been satisfied in order for the delivery to be considered late:

  • The product(s) were ordered for a certain event or date.
  • After that date, the item(s) are no longer useful.
  • On the day mentioned in communications or in line with the seller’s processing schedule, the item(s) were not dispatched by the seller.

If Outlet Avenue discovers that a product is not as stated, The merchant will have to reimburse the order, includes both the original and return shipment, if applicable. Where Outlet Avenue is compelled to pay the seller’s return shipping expenses, the payment may be in the form of an Outlet Avenue Credit. For more information on Outlet Avenue Credits.

9. Ineligible Transactions

The case procedure at Outlet Avenue is not appropriate for all issues. These consist of:

  • Items that the transportation company damages (if properly packaged by the seller).
  • something that has been changed, used, worn, cleaned, or thrown away after receipt.
  • Items that, as a result of shipment delays, are received after the scheduled delivery date.
  • items returned without a return authorization.
  • items that match a buyer’s expectations yet are appropriately stated.
  • issues with shipping costs.
  • things that are bought in person.
  • Services and intangible items are among the things that are forbidden from being sold on Outlet Avenue.

transactions where the payment is not made through the checkout process at Outlet Avenue.

Cancellation of an order

Transactions can only be canceled by sellers. Through Messages, buyers may ask sellers to cancel an order. Please be aware that our anti-discrimination policy must be followed for all cancellations.

Returning an Item

It should be noted in the shop policies of each vendor that each has their unique return policies. Some retailers do not accept returns. You may be granted a 14-day “cooling off period,” also known as a “right of withdrawal,” whether you are a resident of the European Union or the Great Britain During such a time, you could return any product for any reason.