Intellectual Property Policy

Outlet Avenue is a gathering place for manufacturers, designers, and artists, and it takes intellectual property rights extremely seriously. In order to preserve the integrity of our creative market, we abide by industry best practices and intellectual property rules. This Intellectual Property Policy describes how we respond to claims of infringement, how authorized parties can report instances of infringement involving materials on our marketplace, and how Outlet Avenue merchants can react when a report affects their listings or stores.

1. Our Role

Outlet Avenue is a marketplace made up of independent third-party vendors that manage their own stores, establish their own rules, and are in charge of their stock, shipping, and legal compliance. Outlet Avenue just acts as a venue; we don’t produce things, keep stock, or transport products on behalf of our vendors. Outlet Avenue does not employ, represent, or represent independent suppliers who produce the material that is submitted to the marketplace. Sellers are in charge of making sure their material is legal and that by publishing it, they are not violating or infringing on the rights of any third parties.

Any listing, store, or account that Outlet Avenue believes breaches our Policies, may be disabled. Additionally, Outlet Avenue has the right to take legal action against anybody who violates our terms of service or our intellectual property policy.

In addition to being unable to advocate for intellectual property owners, Outlet Avenue is also not qualified to give legal counsel or determine if a store’s content violates the rights of others. When given a report that conforms with our standards, Outlet Avenue will take down content that has been accused of violating someone else’s intellectual property.

2. Property Infringement

When we get a notice of policies infringement that does not complies with our regulations, Outlet Avenue tries to act swiftly by taking down or blocking admission to the supposedly breached content. Once Outlet Avenue restricts or removes access as a result of a complaint, Outlet Avenue takes a good faith effort to get in touch with the affected member, advise them of the information and exclusion, and in the event of suspected copyright infringement, educate them of how to file a counter notice. The infringement report, providing the reporting party’s email and name, may also be given to the affected member by Outlet Avenue.

Before processing a report, Outlet Avenue may want more details, such as proof of the reporting party’s identity or evidence of the asserted right. If we think the information in a claim of infringement or counter notice to be inaccurate, fraudulent, incomplete, or otherwise provided in bad faith, Outlet Avenue may reject the report or counter notice. Additionally, Outlet Avenue can take full legal action, as and when required.

3. Counter Notice

Only counter notifications for copyright infringement reports are accepted by Outlet Avenue in compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). A copy of any DMCA counter notice that Outlet Avenue receives will be given to the person who first filed the complaint. 5 business days following the completion of the counter notification, the withdrawn content may be reinstalled or access to it may be reinstated, except if the rights holder takes a lawsuit against the supposedly infringing party and informs Outlet Avenue of this step. For more information, reach out to us on

4. Repeat offence

In suitable situations and at Outlet Avenue’s discretion, members who get repeated or numerous warnings of intellectual property violation have their selling rights terminated. We have the right to deny any and all services to a member if we have evidence to suggest the user attempted to open a new shop after the original account was closed. Any accounts we suspect are linked to or run by the impacted individual will be affected by these measures. Outlet Avenue reserves the power to revoke account privileges at any moment, for any reason, and without prior warning, in accordance with our Terms of Use.

5. Events

Outlet Avenue may advertise seller-focused live, online, or offline summits, marketplaces, workshops, and other events. Sellers choose whether or not to take part in events.

Unless otherwise stated, Outlet Avenue does not sponsor seller-led events. However, sellers are not permitted to use the Outlet Avenue brand or emblem in a way that indicates the event is planned or managed by Outlet Avenue, even though they are allowed to advertise their events as “organized by Outlet Avenue merchants.” The right to use the Outlet Avenue name or Outlet Avenue Trademarks may be revoked at any time, for any reason, by Outlet Avenue. This right to regularly examine the use of the Outlet Avenue name and Outlet Avenue Trademark.

Any account that disregards these rules might result in cancellation or suspension from Outlet Avenue. For instance, we may revoke your community access, suspend your ability to post in the community, or terminate your Outlet Avenue account, which will instantly halt any activity in Outlet Avenue shops. It’s crucial to realize that, should we decide to do this, you have no obligation or legal right to continue using our Services, including Community places or the Outlet Avenue Trademarks. Generally, unless you have persistently violated this policy or our Terms or we are prohibited by law or regulation from telling you, Outlet Avenue will notify you when your account has been cancelled or suspended.