Prohibited Items Policy

Outlet Avenue is not a specially selected market. But for a number of reasons, we forbid some products from Outlet Avenue. Some products put our neighborhood at danger legally, while others are incompatible with our principles, damaging to our customers, or just not in the Outlet Avenue spirit. What is limited or forbidden on Outlet Avenue is described in this policy.

We have a strict zero-tolerance policy regarding prohibited items, especially those that encourage, condone, or promote violence, bigotry, or are otherwise illegal. In accordance with our Terms of Use, sellers who are found to be in violation of this policy risk having their accounts suspended or terminated immediately.

Policy decisions are challenging. Before making the greatest decision for our society, we take into account a wide range of variables that are frequently at odds with one another.

1. Tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, and prescription medications

On Outlet Avenue, drugs and alcohol are not allowed. These chemicals are subject to severe regulatory limitations and are frequently regarded as restricted substances under the relevant legislation. Other drugs with intoxicating or therapeutic effects are likewise covered by our policy. Despite any potential legal limitations, these chemicals do not reflect the values of Outlet Avenue.

Items like the ones listed below are prohibited from sale on Outlet Avenue:

  • Regardless of their legality, drugs and some botanical medicines, including those used for therapeutic and recreational purposes
  • Drug paraphernalia, such as, for instance, carburetor objects, slides and/or things with slides, bongs and other accessories.
  • pharmaceuticals, medical equipment that are regulated and prescription medications.

Restriction on the manner in which beneficial properties are described:

Based on our beliefs, Outlet Avenue forbids some medical medication claims, such as those that are likely to mislead or represent an undue danger to our community. Any claims that Outlet Avenue deems to be improper, exaggerated, or otherwise unfit for our market may be removed. We also take down anything that supports illegal medical claims, such anti-vaccine goods. Outlet Avenue reserves the right to remove an item upon sufficient notice from a legal authority. Here are some details about claims about medical drugs that are not allowed to be used.

2. Animal Products and Human Remains

Possibility of causing harm to live, companionship, or endangered species, a number of animal items are strictly restricted and outlawed on Outlet Avenue.

Animal goods like the ones listed below are prohibited from sale on Outlet Avenue.

  • live creatures
  • items made with any vulnerable or endangered animal species. These are defined as animal species that are listed in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora or are threatened or endangered under the US Endangered Species Act (CITES).
  • Objects created with feline or canine parts or pelts as specified by US federal law.
  • tusks or the bones of the animals that make it, such as wooly mammoth ivory, elk ivory, and tusks.
  • Items created from human remains or parts of human bodies.

Dangerous Items: Firearms, dangerous chemicals, and banned/Recalled items.

3. Hazardous substances

Hazardous objects are not allowed on Outlet Avenue due of the potential harm they may cause as well as the complicated legal and transportation constraints around such goods.

The following items are examples of restricted hazardous compounds, albeit this list is not exhaustive:

  • Explosives (fireworks or sparklers) (fireworks or sparklers)
  • antecedents to explosions
  • flammable substances
  • Gases
  • radioactive substances
  • harmful compounds (such as poisons)
  • Individual lithium-ion batteries or loose batteries

Outlet Avenue DOES NOT ALLOW the following items:

  • even if they are antique, guns, knives, or other overt weapons
  • guns and other weapons that are fake yet are actually illegal.

4. Products that Foster, Encourage, or Glorify Hatred

We want Outlet Avenue to be a place where individuals of diverse origins, nations, faiths, political allegiances, and even various creative tastes and senses of humor feel at home. Because art is so extremely subjective, what offends one person may not offend another.

Outlet Avenue prohibits the sale of any goods or listings that incite hatred against others or otherwise denigrate them depending on their color, nationality, or ethnic origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic that falls under the category of “protected groups.” Additionally, we forbid any products or materials that support such groups or individuals.

On Outlet Avenue, the following objects are not permitted:

  • Items, such as propaganda or memorabilia, that honor or promote present or past hate organizations. Nazi or Neo-Nazi, Ku Klux Klan (KKK), white supremacist, sexist organizations, or any organization that targets any specific event, race, culture, group or ideologies.
  • Items that make reference to protected groups using racial slurs or other inappropriate language.

As an international business-like Outlet Avenue, it’s critical to uphold local legal requirements when conducting business. What is acceptable in one nation could be prohibited in another. It is completely forbidden to engage in any type of illicit activity. Listings may not encourage or support criminal behavior.

On Outlet Avenue, it is against the law to make unauthorized reproductions or duplicates of things. Counterfeit items a legitimate product, mostly by exploiting a brand’s name, trademark, or design without the creator/manufacturer permission, are regarded as counterfeit or unauthorized goods by us. Additionally, even if an item is made from legitimate materials but has been upcycled or recycled, we may still consider it to be counterfeit if it uses a company’s name, logo, or other protected design without authorization. Replica of luxury and other products like hand-bags and clothing are examples of forbidden counterfeit or unlicensed goods.

A data bank or mailing list containing personal information may not be sold. Additionally forbidden is the selling of licenses, identity cards, and other personal or official papers like credit cards.

Lottery tickets, exchangeable money, and mail would not be sold on Outlet Avenue due to associated rules. The sale of financial items including stocks other tradeable bonds and securities is also prohibited under our policy. Additionally prohibited are handmade products that still include any of these substances in an useable state. Any collectible postage or money that costs less than $2,000 is acceptable, excepting any prohibitions imposed by law or other regulations. It is prohibited to sell collectible money as “non-searched” or as a mixed lot with strange contents.

5. International Regulations

Direct communication between customers and sellers all around the world is made possible via Outlet Avenue. You are in charge of abiding by local laws as well with rules of the said country of destination if you are buying or selling anything from another country or engage in business with someone across international borders.

You should abide by local regulations while buying and selling overseas, and you should be aware that other nations can have their own limitations. According to international rules and regulations, you might not be able to export or import certain commodities. Certain transactions can need licenses, permits, or other paperwork. We advise you to see a certified specialist if you have issues about how to abide by the law.

Outlet Avenue maintains the right to ask sellers for further details, to specify the country of manufacture of an item, or to take other actions to comply with fulfilment requirements.

It is important to understand that any payment gateway, including those used by third parties, may individually monitor trades for compliance with sanctions and may choose to restrict specific transactions as part of their own compliance initiatives. Outlet Avenue has no influence or power over the free choice made by these providers.

Articles that glorify, support, or promote violence

Everyone should feel secure visiting Outlet Avenue. The use of violent content should never be used to praise or incite violent acts against others, despite the fact that it may be a genuine part of chronological, academic, or aesthetic expression.

On Outlet Avenue, the following objects are not permitted:

  • Items that celebrate human misery or tragedy, such as memorabilia or tributes to serial murderers.
  • items that try to capitalize on natural calamities or tragedies in the human race.
  • Items that praise, advocate, or celebrate violence against people or groups .
  • Items that promote hunger, mutilation (Self or otherwise), or other forms of self-harm
  • Items that embrace harmful disinformation or encourage it.