Requests for Information Policy

Outlet Avenue strives to run an open and considerate business. This policy explains how we respond to requests for documents or information about members of Outlet Avenue’s community in the spirit of openness.

1. Member Records and Information

Before contacting Outlet Avenue for information or data, check to see whether the data you need is already accessible in the public domain or ask the appropriate Outlet Avenue member for the records directly.

Following is some information on Outlet Avenue customers, sellers, and shops (collectively referred to as “Outlet Avenue Members” in this policy). The name of a Shop, the owner’s public name, and the Shop’s rules are all open to the public and are accessible to anybody at any time. Additionally, by entering into their accounts, Outlet Avenue members may get access to particular records.

2. Valid Legal Process

Outlet Avenue needs appropriate and adequate legal process (subpoena/ court order) to force us to reveal documents or data on a member of Outlet Avenue, save in emergency cases or where accordance with our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and relevant law. Outlet Avenue routinely objects to unreasonable or other unacceptable demands.

Legal documents must have sufficient identifying details for Outlet Avenue to recognize the member’s account. For instance, a common name does not specifically locate a member’s account Details such as an email account, transaction ID, and name, store name, or payment details should be included in your legal documents.

3. Member Whose Records Are Sought

The affected Outlet Avenue member may be notified before records or information requested about them are disclosed when practical, unless prohibited by law or where there is a clear indication of illegal conduct in connection with the use of Outlet Avenue’s services. This notification may include giving them a copy of the court order. Outlet Avenue may also provide the member with sufficient time to present and raise a legal challenge in court, if required.

4. Witness Testimony

For trial or deposition, Outlet Avenue does not offer expert witnesses. Outlet Avenue offers a typical records custodian statement of authenticity for producing records. The records are self-authenticating; therefore, the custodian of the documents does not need to give a live witness.

5. Reimbursement

Outlet Avenue may request compensation for the expenditures we personally expended when looking for, putting together, gathering, and getting ready records or information for production.