Seller Protection Policy

The Seller Protection program at Outlet Avenue may provide qualified sellers a little more piece of mind. Outlet Avenue will not hold you financially liable for non-delivery or not-as-described incidents that result in a refund where you and a qualified order qualify. Additionally, Outlet Avenue will work with you to look into chargebacks and assist you with any other problems that may arise with your Outlet Avenue business. The procedures you must follow in order to qualify for Seller Protection as well as the kinds of goods and transactions that could be protected are described in this Seller Protection Policy.

1. Eligibility Requirements

There is no application procedure; all eligible sellers are instantly registered in Seller Protection. To ensure that your shop is protected, follow these steps:

  • Maintain good standing for your store, which means you must abide with all Outlet Avenue rules.
  • Register with Outlet Avenue Payments, the company’s payment platform. For further information, see our Outlet Avenue Payments policy. Seller Protection will not be available to you if Outlet Avenue Payments is not yet accessible to you.
  • Finish all of your store policies (it’s critical to include refund, exchange, and custom order procedures). Both Outlet Avenue’s regulations and the laws in your area must be followed by your shop policies.
  • When listing products, include precise images and descriptions.
  • Provide accurate and appropriate ship-by or processing timelines.
  • Participate in any inquiries that Outlet Avenue conducts. Give Outlet Avenue whatever information they require as soon as possible, and cancel and refund any purchases they find fraudulent or unlawful.

2. Orders

A maker is a vendor who actually manufactures the goods offered for purchase at their Outlet Avenue store. In addition to making an object, its maker may also design it, or they may employ a design or template that was not developed by them. Whatever the case, manufacturers must use their own hands to produce their goods (or tools).


  • Send your order in accordance with the processing time, ship-by date, or other instructions specified by you or as specified in Outlet Avenue Messages.
  • Deliver the order to the Outlet Avenue address. Beware of fraud or scams if your customer gives a different delivery address using Messages. You have the option to cancel the order, issue a refund, and then ask the customer to reorder the product using the updated shipping information.
  • After you mail the order, mark it as shipped. Use Outlet Avenue Shipping Labels, and the order will be recorded as dispatched immediately.
  • Include a working tracking number on the order that reveals the delivery status and order route.
  • To collect money for the order, use Outlet Avenue Payments.

3. Not Eligible items and/or transactions

There are a few exceptions to the rule that most products and transactions are eligible for Seller Protection:

  • Things that are physically sold via the Sell on Outlet Avenue app.
  • Contracts for recurrent deliveries or equivalent agreements in which the consumer makes a specific payment (like item-of-the-month clubs).
  • Transactions carried out by methods other than Outlet Avenue Payments, such as a personal check or a separate payment gateway.
  • Any purchase or transaction fulfilled by the vendor despite Outlet Avenue receiving knowledge that it is invalid, fraudulent, or under investigation.

4. Protection Benefits

For Non-Delivery and Not as Described incidents that result in a refund, Outlet Avenue will not hold you financially liable if your business and the order in question meet the eligibility standards. Outlet Avenue will cooperate with you to look into any chargebacks that are made against you. When a case requires further investigation, we might have to ask you for further details or help. If so, we’ll need you to get back to us within 48 hours or the deadline Outlet Avenue specified in the case. We’ll require you to answer to any questions within 48 hours or the time period specified by Outlet Avenue if a chargeback is made against you.

Any questions must be answered within 48 hours or as specified by Outlet Avenue. We might not be able to assist in settling the disagreement if you don’t provide the relevant details in a timely manner. Please be aware that we cannot promise a favorable outcome.