Shipping Policy

Outlet Avenue provides a range of services to help vendors get their one-of-a-kind goods to customers promptly and safely. This Shipping Policy outlines your rights and liabilities while utilizing Outlet Avenue’s shipping labels services as well as your shipping obligations as a seller.

Sellers are in charge of properly packing and sending purchased goods to customers. Please remember that even if you use a shipping or fulfillment service, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that your customers receive their products.

By participating in Outlet Avenue, you consent to:

  • Specify a valid “ships from” address.
  • Include information about your shipping fees and turnaround timeframes in your ads.
  • Ship products as soon as they sell. Unless you specify a various process period or consent to a specific shipment duration with the buyer through Messages, early shipping implies that you send items within 5 days after purchase. You must have your buyer’s approval before changing your processing time for a given order.
  • adhere all local, national, and global shipment and customs regulations.
  • Send the package to the location indicated on the Outlet Avenue receipt.
  • Whenever you ship an order, mark it as shipped. Alternatively, use a shipping label you bought from Outlet Avenue, which does this for you. Keep in mind that you can only label an order as sent once it has actually been sent. The customer will be notified when you designate an order as shipped.

On Outlet Avenue, you can provide tracking information or delivery confirmation, you authorize us to receive this information from your selected shipping carrier and to share it with the customer.

Be prepared to offer legitimate proof of shipment in the odd event that a purchase does not arrive. Authorized proof of shipment must demonstrate that the item was in fact sent and delivered to the Outlet Avenue location that the customer specified. A buyer may bring a lawsuit against your store if they do not get their order.