Trade Mark Policy

Ideas, programs, and resources that utilize and complement Outlet Avenue’s services are supported and encouraged by the company. At the same time, we take seriously our responsibility to safeguard our brand identification, trademarks, and reputation. How to refer to Outlet Avenue, our marks, or our service is explained in this trademark policy.

Our Terms of Use include a section on this policy. Your acceptance of this policy and all other Policies is contingent upon your use of any of Outlet Avenue’s services. Only the use of Outlet Avenue’s intellectual property (such as the usage of the name “Outlet Avenue”) is covered by this policy. Please go to Outlet Avenue’s Intellectual Property Policy if you have any questions about any intellectual property that isn’t solely held by that company.

Trademark Basics

A trademark is a term, name, symbol, or device (or a combination of those things) that identifies a person or company’s goods or services and sets them apart from similar products and services offered by others. The name “Outlet Avenue,” as well as various Outlet Avenue images, symbols, layouts, and page headers, are trademarks of the Outlet Avenue Corporation, button icons, scripts, and service names (collectively, the “Outlet Avenue Marks”) are trademarks, trade dress, or registered trademarks of Outlet Avenue LLC in the United Arab Emirates and/or other nations.

Why is it necessary for Outlet Avenue to defend its trademarks? Internet users and other parties must be able to trust Outlet Avenue to only provide, promote, or encourage services that truly carry the Outlet Avenue Marks. In accordance with trademark law, we must also prevent the use of confusingly similar marks in addition to preventing unauthorized use of the Outlet Avenue Marks.

Using the Outlet Avenue Marks

Using the Outlet Avenue Marks The Outlet Avenue Trademark Guidelines include instructions on how to use the Outlet Avenue Marks in accordance with this policy.

The following are the guidelines for utilizing Outlet Avenue Marks:

The following ways to utilize the Outlet Avenue Marks are supported and encouraged:

  • Make good use of Marks on Outlet Avenue. Since Outlet Avenue promotes free speech, you don’t need permission to express an opinion about the firm, its products, or its services. For instance, it’s OK to let folks know that you sell on Outlet Avenue.
  • For instance, capitalize the initial letter of the Outlet Avenue Marks to set them apart from the surrounding content.
  • Correctly spell the Outlet Avenue Marks.

The following uses of the Outlet Avenue Marks are prohibited by us:

  • Using the Outlet Avenue Marks or a mark that is confusingly similar in the name of your company, group, nonprofit organization, occasion, or trademark, for example.
  • Deleting, changing, distorting, or otherwise manipulating the Outlet Avenue Marks, especially by combining them with other words to form new words.
  • Using the Outlet Avenue Marks or a mark that is confusingly similar, in a way that erroneously implies a connection with, sponsorship of, endorsement by Outlet Avenue, or that could reasonably be interpreted to suggest information originates from, or reflects the ideas or views of Outlet Avenue, Llc or one of its employees.
  • Not having received our written consent before using the Outlet Avenue Marks in a product.
  • It is illegal to use the Outlet Avenue Marks in any way or on any website that promotes adult material, gambling, or other illegal activities.
  • Using the Outlet Avenue Marks in a way that, solely in the judgment of Outlet Avenue, is false, unfair, defamatory, infringement, libelous, derogatory, tarnish[ing], obscene, or otherwise objectionable to Outlet Avenue
  • If it doesn’t inadvertently imply that you work for Outlet Avenue, Inc., you are permitted to include your Outlet Avenue URL (for instance, http://yourname.Outlet on a business card, promotional item, or advertisement.
  • You aren’t allowed to create a business card, giveaway, or advertisement that makes use of the Outlet Avenue Marks, stylizations, or colors in a way that might lead people to believe you have no connection to the company, if any. Please refrain from printing your business cards with the Outlet Avenue logo.
  • Always make it obvious, both physically and textually, that your website is managed by you and not Outlet Avenue.
  • You are prohibited from using the Outlet Avenue Marks on any webpage that includes or advertises adult content, wagering, or otherwise violates any law or regulation. (such as the Outlet Avenue logo) or a confusingly similar mark.
  • Always abide by the relevant Terms of Use.
  • Always make it obvious, both aesthetically and verbally, that you are in fact the owner of the website and not Outlet Avenue.
  • Without prior explicit consent from Outlet Avenue, you are not permitted to produce a product with an Outlet Avenue Mark.
  • Please give your event a name that makes it obvious who is presenting it. By doing this, you can ensure that no communications are missed and that your hard work is properly recognized.
  • Please get in touch with Outlet Avenue beforehand to ask for a formal license and authorization if you want Outlet Avenue to sponsor or support an event.
  • You may not use the phrase “Outlet Avenue” or a confusingly similar mark in the name of your firm, LLC, or not-for-profit group.
  • Please refrain from including “Outlet Avenue” in your Outlet Avenue username unless you have permission to.