Vendor Code

The Outlet Avenue vendor code establishes guidelines for conducting business in a trustworthy manner, legal, and responsible manner. This Supplier Code of Conduct was created by Outlet Avenue in compliance with these criteria to guarantee that all of its suppliers adhere to them.

Suppliers may sign into agreements with Outlet Avenue to carry out business with. This term also refers to suppliers’ employees, agents, and subcontractors. This Vendor Code or at the very least all regulations, must be followed by all Suppliers. Such agreements may, in exceptional cases, nonetheless be implemented if Outlet Avenue determines that enough compensatory measures are in place to adequately assure legal compliance.

In order to ensure that Suppliers abide by this Code of Conduct, Outlet Avenue expects them to have solid corporate governance in place. To verify adherence to this Vendor code, Outlet Avenue can audit any Merchant with realistic notice. In the event that a Supplier is discovered to be acting improperly or in violation of this vendor Code or any other relevant Outlet Avenue regulation, Outlet Avenue retains the right to terminate the partnership.

Anti-Corruption: In contacts with public authorities or business representatives, never give or offer anything of value to obtain an unfair advantage.

Antimonopoly: Avoid anti-competitive activity at any costs, such as conversing or exchanging information that might be used against you, or deciding on geographic markets, clientele, or price with other businesses. All applicable antitrust and fair competition laws must be followed by suppliers.

1. Protection of Data

Data protection: Preserve the private and sensitive information of Outlet Avenue, its members, staff, and other partners with whom we conduct business. Information should only be used for lawful business purposes and should not be released without prior authorisation. All uses of information must abide by all relevant laws, rules, and governing agreements.

Respect the Intellectual Property and Tangible Assets of Outlet Avenue: Respect the Intellectual Property and Tangible Assets of Outlet Avenue and utilize them responsibly. Intellectual property (including names, logos, trademarks, etc.) and physical assets owned by Outlet Avenue shall only be utilized for permitted commercial reasons.